Today 2

News of the day…the sun tried to shine earlier this afternoon but it never got sunny. Kind of depressing if you ask me. Spring is definitely here in WI. YAY! The weahter has been warmer for a change of pace but we did not really hhave much of a winter truly. it gott pretty cold at times but we did not have much snow. If it snowed, it disappeared just as quickly as it came. Today, a cloudy day all day long, I did not want to go anywhere with anyone. I left my apartment only once after getting a bath in after 11 a.m.. I got dressed only to go get the mail in the mail room on the first floor, and I did not get anything. My mailbox was completely empty today. Phooey! After doing a mail check, I came back up and slipped into my pajamas and have stayed in since. I got one call from my friend Mark who was returning my call from earlier this morning but that was all. I have not had any company today and wish to have none to be very honest with you. I want to be left alone anyway. I am not in the mood to have company tonight period. I am mfeeling blue yet today. As a matter of fact, I took a cat nap about 3 p.m. – dozing off while watching Judge Judy. I had awakened to the feeling of hunger. I am ALWAYS hungry because of the medication I take for my kidney. I had a couple of waffles with peanut butter on them. Not bad but I could have had something else better than that!

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  1. It’s good that you had a relaxing day. I also had a very lazy day too. The weather turned cold lastnigt. I was really surprised it was so cold. I saw that you put my diary on your menu bar. That is so sweet of you thanks. Have a great weekend, take care.


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