A Special Entry – A Special Report…

I am usually not here during Sabbath hours which are from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown but sometimes there are things that need to be said or written before my mind goes bonkers over what it is going through. Anyway, praying for our troops in Iraq is very important at this time. I am so very proud of our troops for fighting a good fight even though I am against war. I am one of those people, crazy as it sounds, who thinks that war is not the only way to make peace with another country, especially if that country hates us so much here. As a US citizen for 32 years, I find that hatred is found in our own country by many people already. Now for someone, from another country, coming over here to destroy lives by crashing two planes into the World Trade Center towers of New York, that is downright cruel and nasty. I am, no matter what other people think, I am against the idea of war, even though it is going on over in Iraq right now. I am proud to be an American and proud of the troops fighting over there. Our country is hated by other Americans as well as other countries. Hate means to love less and it is a very strong word to use even though we use that word as part of our everyday lamguage among other words that are not positive as well. I do feel very uncomfortable about the war even though I am proud of the US troops fighting over there. Lives will be lost thee too. we need to pray for our troops! GO!

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