I really do not have a title at the moment for reasons I do not know what to title my entry as since I have a lot to say right now. I have thirty-five minutes before my ride picks me up to take me to my desired errand and so I am going to say what I can now and if I have to finish it at another time, I will do that. Anyway, here it goes…

This week has been pretty good so far. For it being Thursday, my week is ending nicely. I thought, at first truly, that Monday was going to be dreaded when I got home from school and we had a meeting at the building that tenants were supposed to attend. There always seems to be a problem with tenants when new management on the outside take over so a meeting was needed to get a hold of some issues that always seem to be problematic and trouble…especially the gossip and tenants wanting to know who is who and what is going on. That really stinks. Now because of gossip being a problem in the building where I live, the community room has been closed to tenants until further notice unless the community room is reserved for parties and activities. I wonder, after this, if the community room will be open for potlucks but more so I imagine not because it is another gossip time and gossip needs to be taken care of. So now, tenants will have to go to other tenant apartments to chat and talk and gossip where it should be anyway. I thought, at first, but after realizing it, that it was unfair to have the community room closed to the tenants who obey and follow the rules of living there, was unfair, but it is not really not. It is a privilege to be in the community room to watch television and be with other tenants to enjoy each other and company. When I got home from being witn my friend Richard, I noticed how wonderful it felt to go into the building and not have eyes and ears in the community room. At this time I do not miss saying hello to other tenants as I go by the room to get mail, come in from the front door, and also I do not hear voices go down from normal talk to whispers because I could be talked about.

One of the other things that was discussed at the meeting was the fact of tenants, those who did not attend, know who they are and the managerment and on-site manager knows exactly what is going on and why.

I do have to admit that I am not happy with one of the tenants right now. I do not want anything to do with this person because I am still not happy. I could not believe, while at the meeting, that this tenant who is supposedly a friend of mine, spoke against another tenant who is also a friend of mine. Sexual harrassment…MY FOOT. This tenant was speaking against another tenant because she was sexually harrasssed and the truth is there was no sexual harrassment even there. Just the thought is apalling! GIVE ME A BREAK! and not a kit kat bar or a broken limb… With that knowledge, now I just do not know how I am going to handle the situation when I talk to this tenant so I am keeping my distance and not calling her. If she asks me if she did something wrong in another conversation, I am going to literally scream as it drives me crazy to hear that all the time after not talking to her for a few days or so. At this time, this tenant, who is supposedly a friend of mine, has lost a friend. So I will not be talking about her in future entries for the time being. Anyway, if she asks me, I will tell her the truth that yes, I am not happy with her and that I will have to explain why which is regarding the meeting and what she said at the meeting.

My ride is going to be here in a few minutes so I have to go. I have more to say but will not be able to at the moment. Later…

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