Remembering what I written about yesterday, I just wanted to vent and get things off my mind and heart that felt pretty heavy all week. I am so glad that we are having monthly meetings with the outside/on-site management and the tenants because it will definitely air out the problems. With the community room closed, I am glad that tenants, those who sit in there with ears and eyes and gossipping mouths can not sit in there. The last four days of the room being closed and locked has been a pleasure to those who can not enjoy sitting in there. One of those people/tenants being me. I was getting fed up of sitting in the community room every Saturday morning waiting for my ride to go to church and listening to moans and groans and complaints about the management and everything that is not worth hearing about. I do know for a fact that I have been a piece of gossip among those gossippers and it really bothered me to find out what I was supposedly doing – bringing men into my apartment having sex and believe me I have found that VERY APPALLING and horrible. Me having sex? NO WAY! The thought of it makes me sick!!!

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    I’m sorry that you were accused of doing things that you didnt do. The gossiping part is understanding, I dont like to hear people moan and groan about something that cant always be changed.

    Sex is a natural part of life, thats how you were born. But bringing men into their aparatments and just having sex with them and them being random and a different one very night or whatevr is not appropriate. I understand that very much! Its just not very clean nor mature.

    Hope things get figured out…


  2. Gotta love those who have nothing better to do than make up things about others…

    perhaps its an unrealized fantasy of their own? 😉


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