I really do not have a whole lot of time to write at the moment as I have a tenant/manger meeting to attend again today. We had a tenant/manager meeting last Monday, but we are having another one this week in twenty minutes. I got home from school about 11:30 a.m. and rested for a few minutes not sure if and when I was going to be online to write again. I had written in my school journal twice today already, but I had to write in my personal journal here before I forgot. I am feeling a little bit annoyed right this minute because of the meeting haopening today. The reason I am annoyed at the moment is because tenants here do not want to get along. That is why I am really praying about the relationship I have with Nana Lea right now. Last week’s meeting, Nana really made me feel a lot annoyed by what she said as if she could give a care to the tenant’s feelings. I am still upset about the words she said but she was NEVER sexually harrassed. Tenants do not WANT to get along with others in here and keep their mouths shut where they do not belong. We already have the community room closed until further notice and now the gossippers cojgregate outside in the front where people come and go and noses do not belong. It is rediculous even more so… I do not like the idea of being going and out the front door when the nos-its are out thehre still minding other tenant business. Living here has become a disaster lately!!

I have to go to the meeting now. Bye for now…

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