This is a Definite Venting Session NOW!

OK…!!! This is definitely a venting session now. I do not know if I am upset to where I want to cry or scream out what is on my mind. Living where I am living still is a great big hole of hell right now. I had gotten home from school yesterday and found a notice on the board by the manager office saying that the onsite manager has resigned and her last day is April 30th. She and REB are moving from this place the end of May and now I am not sure how to feel. I know I was shocked to read a note and a little disgusted at the happy tones of the manager’s voice saying she had two weeks left and she is out of here and moving away from this hell hole. I am happy for her indeed but I am having mixed feelings about this whole place I am living at. The tenants, thankfully not all, seem coldhearted and nasty. I am vowing, this time it is going to stick, not to speak to any of the tenants here and go on from coming and going and staying in my apartment. After the manager leaves, along with REB, I will have only one friend left in this place to do things with. That’ll be RH. I am still praying about the friendship with Nana Lea. I am still feeling uncomfortable talking to her about things, especially the things I have been able to talk to her about before. I am feeling this is the lowest I have gone in such a long time that I spoke to my doctor (priimary) yesterday to let her know what is going on and so I will be seeing her Monday at 3 p.m.. I feel that, ever since Grandpa Clarence died, the memorial, and the burial, things have been going down a fast spiral. More later…

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