I am at school right now and in a few minutes I will be going to class and I will be doing my speech today. I am a little nervous but not terribly nervous. Yesterday at home I had the fear come into mind regarding my speech but that fear pretty much disappeared shortly after it was even thought of. I was a basket case for a while though. LOL As I was writing in my school journal a few minutes ago, I did forget my user ID but that was soon remembered as my name is Kristi Mary K****** and I have Kristimary as my ID for my school journal here at DD. A friend of mine, Nellie Mom, thought that would be a good nickname for me as an e-mail address, and that is what my address is for e-mail. I have 70 at the end [email protected]***** as it is the year I was born. I better go for now as I do have to get to class shortly. WISH ME LUCK!

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