Tired, Annoyed, yet Relieved…

The last time I had written, which was earlier today, my body seemed to be drained from most of its energy, I was worn out and the last word was YAWN. I am still tired indeed, but energy has been renewed enough that I can sit up and type another entry that is definitely longer. The title of the entry will definitely be seen throughout the entry.

I am tired of the junk that is going on in this building as far as the tenants are concerned. Thiis placce, truly, has become a place of the hellish nature because some of the tenants have been so nasty. A big weight was lifted off of me, which seemed to press against my entire being, in time as a friend spoke to me regarding the “troublemakers” of this place. I have lived here for five years now and I love it here that much but the last few weeks my place did not feel like my home in or out. After this after, being what I call “a chewing out”, I felt that burden lift off of my entire being. I was getting tired of the depression I was feeling for so long!

Here is the annoying part of it all…the friendship I once thought was so good between Nana and I has definitely died to nothing. The annoying part of it all is the fact that I can not talk to Nana aboat what is going in my life as if she has turned around from nice to not so nice. I have learned and just accepted the fact that Nana is a follower – a person who is easy to convince. When was the last time I had spoken to her was last Tuesday when we had appointments at the same hair salon that morning, and that was six days ago. My heart is still aching over this turnabout way of Nana.

A burden was lifted off my heart, body, and soul today…thanks to a “friend” who can be trusted around here. I have three friends I can trust now on the inside of this place.

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