Today is not a good day as far as the weather is concerned. Yesterday I did not get on my computer except once because of the bad weather coming our way in the afternoon. As it turned out, we had a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm weather in the evening hours. Even my computer modem and telephone line was disconnected from the wall so my computer would not get zapped if it got bad enough. Sleep wasn’t hard to find though. In fact, sleep was easy to find the last couple of nights. As for my moods and emotions, things seem to be leveling off finally even though things have not improved here where I live. There are so many vindictive people around here that it is amazing and definitely not adult-like one bit that it is childish and stupid. I wonder if my neighbor was talked to the other day because I haven’t heard any excessive noises since Thursday. It has been a relief to have peace. Even another neighbor has heard some noises as well. It is crazy around here. Instead of adults here, there are children! It is definitely stupid. Even the former manager has had it. My friend RH and I have had it as well because our friends, including myself, have been attacked in some way. The tenants are NOT going to be ruling this place much longer…

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Glad that your emotions and moods are leveling off. Thats too bad about the weather. It seems really bad down south with the floods and everything. I would NOT want to live around there with flooding and tornadoes and all that. Yuck…

    Anyway thats really too bad about your apartments. Sounds like its a really big mess around there. Hope everything gets worked out.


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