How Can I?

How Can I?

I have many thoughts still racing through my mind and it is driving me crazy. Now with school out for the semeseter and I passed all my classes with either A’s and B’s, what am I going to do with my days and nights, and time? I can not sit on the computer all day long, sleep all day and night, watch television unitl it is coming out of my ears…that is bad enough. I am almost in tears because no one can help me with my issues that have recently popped up from february to the present. I am not used to getting up every morning and not going to school yet as Monday was my last day of school. In fact, I did not have to attend Oral Communications on Monday. Not sure yet what is about this person who lives in AZ. Having a feeling of unsuriety really bothers my heart. I even called a person witn the same last name in the same part of AZ as the person I am wonering about and the last name is the same but there is no relation so I was more lost hearing that. Then the tenants in the building, the trouble makers I am talking about, really do not have a happy life, sitting outside the building several feet from my window talking and gabbing and talking about the horrors of this place. Horrors? The trouble makers are the horrors of this place which makes this place a horror flick. I do not like horror flicks and here I am living in one, (not smiling). Depresssion has set in once again, yuck!!!

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