9:35 a.m. Thoughts

I am off to my appointment shortly and I am eager to find out how my ear is really doing. We are expecting a storm today so I am not sure if I am going to be on my comp later today or not, but I hope to anyway. I better go now and write more later today or tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “9:35 a.m. Thoughts”

  1. *~Kristie~*

    Hey thanx for the comments!!

    Hhahaha ya I used to be SO addicted to computers but now I am usually just on and off to write diary entries and when I get time I usually roam around.

    I’ve never played gin before…Good luck with your doctors appointment, glad its claering up a little bit. I hate having ear infections. Well good luck!


  2. I hope your appointment goes well. I think the doctor will be able to find a cure for you ear. It’s neat you don’t drive becasue I don’t ethier. Sometimes it’s hard for me to find transortation, but I always get around. Have a great day.


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