I do have to admit that I am feeling better as far as the ear infection goes. The Augmentin is doing the trick and I am feeling better in the ear pressure department. I hate being sick. The Augmentin is doing the job with the ear but it is also doing a good number on my bowels as well. I had an accident right in the livingroom on the carpet as I was running to the bathroom. I was embarrassed and scared at the same time. I had gone to Nellie and by that time I was in tears from embarrassment and fear so she came up to my place and looked at the mess, which was pretty much invisible by that time, and sprayed some carpet cleaner whoch took the rest of the mess out as I worked at it. Nellie stayed until I was ok and then left with love in her heart for me and went to bed. As for my ear infection…that is finally disappearing, yeah!

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