Dratted Ear Infection!!

I am so disgueted because the ear infection I had gotten eleven days ago did not get zapped by the the Amoxicillin the ten days I was on it. Now I am not Augmentin as of yesterday afternoon. I hope it clears up the ear infection this time!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Dratted Ear Infection!!”

  1. I hope your ear infection heals. It sounds like you have had that for a while. If it doesn’t go away I would do something about it; you might have to go to the hospital if it doesn’t get better.


  2. *~Kristie~*

    I was on Aumentin for my headaches and stuff…its supposed to help your ears for infections too. That will clear it up in no time. It helped my headaches for awhile, until my head decided to become immune to it like every other pain killer I’ve been on for my headaches. Anyway I’m sure it’ll clear up!


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