Sabbath is Almost Here

Sabbath is almost here so I will be signing off here and goinng to my Sabbath/Christian journal in a while. Today was a good day plus quiet and rewarding at the same time. I got together with a neighbor this afternoon after lunch hour and visited with her for a while. I am so glad Sabbath is here even th00ugh I am not going to church tomorrow morning or afternoon since I am dealing with an ear infection still even though it is better than it has been. I took a short nap this afternoon which I think was a big mistake but we shall see. I am planning on sleeping in my bed tonight as I have been sleeping on the couch a lot latelly again. It is Sabbath now! YIKES I HAD FORGOTTEN THAT I WAS WRITING AN ENTRY HERE BECAUSE I HAD TWO FRIENDS DROP BY…

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  1. Hey, sorry you have an ear infection. I know those can take a long time to get over. I hope your package arrived and it was enjoyable for you. Talk to you soon.


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