Am I Snapping Out of It?

Am I Snapping Out of It?

I did not take any calls today. As a matter of fact, I had two calls come in today. Peaceful? Yes but am I snapping out of this reverie I have been stuck in for a few days or more. I can not even count now because there has been too many days of a low feeling in me. Even my friend RH did not perk me up and that is why I did not answer the phone to his call. Living here has been really hellish and emotional. Too many people here taking over and it is driving a few of us crazy. Too many backstabbers and idiots living here. I can only trust three people inside and the management on the outside and that is two people. We are living in a world that is getting so crazy and out of control. I can not isolate myself from the world … beyond the front door anymore but it is so easy to do that if you knew this place. Am I snapping out of it? I hope so to be very honest with you… I can not stand it anymore the craziness I feel. At least I am still sane if sane is the right word. I am seeking help from someone professional – a counselor – for my emotional needs and it has been helping greatly.

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Lets hope your snapping out of it. Hope you are feeling much better, by the sounds of it you are feeling much better than you have been feeling. No on should have to isolate themselves from the world, theres so much to do and see. I’m sure this vacation will be good for you and you’ll do tons of stuff!


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