Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with RR. He is kind of quiet today and he is not telling me what is going on. If he tells me, he thinks that I will tell Kelly so he won’t tell me. I wish men would speak up as it is not healthy to hold it all in. We both have lives away from each other and if he wants to spend time alone with me, he needs to speak up. I am not mad but frustrated right now because RR’s demeanor is quiet and somewhat unusual. He was laughing eaerlier but befoore we went to pick our friends up, he was quiet and not talking much. I wonder what is bothering RR right now?

Author: ksmiley

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    I would have your neighbor over for a quick lunch when you get better and tell her what she needs to know. This neighbor is driving herself crazy thinking your mad at her and your not. Huh…

    Glad that it felt good to work out. Yesterday mysister and I must’ve walked 2 miles total because of walking TO the concert and walking to her car FROM the concert. My leg hurt bad but it was a good workout.

    Hope you feel better. I find what work good is NyQuil for the night it’ll help you sleep really nicely. I find that drowsy causing Benedryl helps too.

    Hope this cold wears itself out soon because I know I hate being sick.

    Feel better!


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