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Today was a fairly busy day all day long. In fact there was one thing that happened earlier today that bothered me to a certain point, but my day was very good and filled with fun. RR and I gpt together this morning and picked up KAW to run an errand and have lunch while Jimmy was at work. KAW and I bought a lot of needed school supplies for the upcoming semester August 25th, 2003. The, my treat of course, RR, KAW. and I went to Perkins for lunch and chit chat a while. It was kind of hot outdoors so we were staying as cool as possible indoors. After we got done eating, we helped KAW get some medication for her husband at a nearby pharmacy, then we stopped by her place for a while before RR and I left to go back to my place since I had an appointment at 3 p.m. right at home. Before my appointment began at 3 p.m., I got on the computer here to make sure all my bills were paid this month and all the expenses for yesterday and today, and sunday, were ALL taken care of when I realized that a bill was not taken care of last month (deducted from my account)…that was taken care of and handled well this day. All my bills are taken care of and I have enough spending money for August. School will begin shortly, YEAH!

About that one thing that bothered me was the fact that my neighbor came up to my place the minute RR left for home. Her visit, because I have been wantin to tell her some things but I could never get the heart to, made me feel very uncomfortable and I did not want to have her here whatsoever. Shortly after she came, the buzzer went off and I answered it. It was RR buzzing me because I had forgotten something in his car earlier in the afternoon. I found that a bit relieving and very helpful as I was not very comfortable having my neighbor there.

Hours later, I still feel uncomfortable about what happened. RR and I even went to Nellie Mom’s place to talk to her shortly about what happened just minutes before…a few minutes after my neighbor left. What frightened me even more was the fact that she (the neighbor) was in the hallway near my place when RR and I left my place to go to Nellie’s for a short visit. I was feeling, at the time this happened, that I was being listened to from the hallway and i was also wondering too, if this neighbor went to another tenant’s apartment – one of the troublemakers anyway. I tihnk I am feeling a little better about the earlier situation. I just can not trust this one neighbor anymore even more so even though she might be in need of friendship…friendship, what is that??

Life With RR

Life with RR is fantastic… We really enjoy each other’s company and yet we get our space and privacy even if I am the only one who wishes to have it. RR is not posessive or anything like that – he just does not need his space or privacy oftten. He does understand I need my space since I am a young woman with a life that does not always include my man all the time. RR is very helpful to me and my friends. I began working out at Riverfront athletic Club August 1, 2003 and he has made sure I have been at the club working out every other weekday morning, gotten me to all my appointments that I have had since I have been back, and made sure I have my errands done by the end of the week. RR is wonderful and caring. Our relationship is doing good!

My “Little”Red Friend!

Wasn’t just yesterday I mentioned about my period? WHen I had run to the bathroom last night, I found that my period had come! I hate having colds and such. Now my friend KAW and I have our periods around the same time. Arrrg! LOL

My Dad’s Friend and “Hardware Girl’s” Aunt

I had gotten an e-mail from a friend who lives out of town with her husband and children. It was an update about her dad in regards to his health. For a few years my friend’s dad had a blood marrow transplant that took immediately a few years ago but just recently lab work and tests have proven that his illness has returned. Reading that e-mail practically tugged out my heart out of my body. I felt crushed! I have spoken to RS this evening and he is feeling ok and that he is doing his best.. Then, after getting that news, RR and I were looking at the newspaper and read that another friend of mine had lost her aunt to a long battle of breast cancer. My heart broke in understanding since I had my friend Christine Kane die of breast cancer in October of this past year.

Understanding Life More?

What can I really say here? Am I understanding life more today in regards to death and dying. A few years ago I was so afraid of death even though it is a part of life. I did not want anyone I was close to to die even of terminal illness. Today I am not afraid of death if I am to die myself but losing those I love dearly I have a constant heartache. Does that make sense? I think having my period makes me more emotional and I tend to write more one day to the next! LOL Having my friend’s dad now ill with cancer again, losing my friend Christine to breast cancer that grew into her bones and ?organs?, my Grandpa Clarence dying in February to Alzhiemer’s Disease, my Nellie Mom’s brother dying of a heart attack but did have cancer…cancer has been surrounding me lately! I am 33 years old now and at that age where I am beginning to see a lot of death and illness come around me whether it is happening to me in a personal manner or to a friend’s family or someone I know very well. No matter how I look or feel about death in regards to self, I still do not want my friends to die or their loved ones. My heart still aches something awful!! Do I make any sense? Probably not, LOL 🙁 🙂

A Long ONE!

Today’s entry is a long one! Sorry about the length!

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2 thoughts on “My Life Today”

  1. It’s ok your entry was long; I enjoyed reading it. Anyway, you have been busy lately. I’m glad you have been having fun with RR; sounds like a really good friend. Yes, it is hard to watch family and friends die, but you just have to keep your head held high, and live each day for the moment.


  2. *~Kristie~*

    Wow thats a lot of people dying from illness’, thats really sad and depressing but mut keep your hopes up and be happy, death is only the beginning.

    I am glad that RR is being such a good boyfriend and making sure that your ok. That is very sweet of him and it sounds like you two really enjoy having each others company.

    Your neighbor is a little snoop I would say. I wouldnt trust her either.

    Thats funny you and your friend have your periods around the same time though!!

    Have a good day!


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