An Entry Before Bed

It is late and I should be in bed but I took a nap at 3 p.m. this afternoon. I am tired but real bad – just yawning a bit since it is late and everyone else around me is asleep in their own places. I did hear, as a neighbr must have left or returned to their apartment, lock up after themselves. Sometimes I think neighbors do not always realize that noise can travel. I remember the other day that my apartment door slammed shut behind me as I did not grab it in time with all the stuff I was holding and I felt it travel throughout my apartment. That day, by chance, my windows were open. That ALWAYS happens! The weather is cool tonight…in the 50’s…good!

I think, since it is late, I am going to sign off my writing for the night and shut things down for the night and come back to it in the morning sometime. I have a three day weekend now and tomorrow I will be doing my schoolwork in the afternoon with Rick’s help and do all my school work before Monday so I can enjoy my day with my friends at the parade Monday afternoon after lunch. Labor Day is coming and it is coming furiously. Good night everyone and God bless.

Please, for those I get updates from, excuse me for not reading your entries lately. I am busy with school. I appreciate all of you for reading my entries as well. Good night all.

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