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It has been fairly quiet since Rick left a little after 8 p.m. I have my accounting homework done for Wednesday so I do not have to worry about it tomorrow as I had said. I have watched a movie called Mystery Woman and I am listening to it again. It was that good! It is on Hallmark tonight. Anyway, tomorrow being Labor Day, I am going to the parade and a cookout with the Wilson’s and I am looking forward to it greatly. Not a whole lot is happening right now except for the fact that I am listening to the movie and waiting for KAW to call me back after she goes for a walk with her husband (the Wilson’s). I have taken a quick bath and washed my hair as it was getting real oily since Friday’s washing and I did not want to take a shower or bathe in the morning, and I did not want to go to bed with greasy feeling (gross) hair. For the last couple of days now, my phone has been acting up and driving me nuts. A little while ago Nellie Mom called me and I did not hear the phone ringing but the phone ringer was on. What is wrong with my phone? I have a phone in the bedroom that has the ringer on but it does not ring. PHONES! LOL I can deal with it but when I am expecting a very important phone call, I will get annoyed easily. LOL

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