The First Day of September

Labor Day Plans

Happy Labor Day!

It looks cloudy but according to the Weather Channel it does look like thunderstorms or rain at this time…just cloudy all day long and cool. When I go to the parade with the Wilson’s and friends, I am going to wear blue jeans, a t-shirt and jacket for sure. I think Fall and Winter is on its way now, thank goodness. This summer was hot and uncomfortable and pretty bright. For the first time I am looking forward to winter this time around. Today there are no classes so I have a day off and have a three day weekend this weekend. Having four days of classes this week is going to go fast and I do have to admit that classes went well and fast last week which was the first week. What a good break. I am GLAD I have my homework done for Wednesday and Tuesday. Night…

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2 thoughts on “The First Day of September”

  1. happy labour day!!!

    can’t wait for ours which is the end of october, but i’ll happily trade you summer for autumn 😉

    first day of spring here yesterday


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