Could It Be Possiblle???

I really love my boyfriend but yet he has to work on some issues in his life. I have to work on my issues in life too. I will not allow no one to drag me down and not allow me to have my friends. I have a friend who is concerned that my boyfriend may be dragging me down. I have another friend who says it is possible but I will have to be the judge for myself. Is it possible that my boyfriend is dragging me down? I hope not or he is history in a second beacuse I will not allow anyone to take advantage of me…NEVER! I knoow I have been moody these past several days and questioning my status as a student but I am no longer questioning my status as a student. I am past that now and not worried any longer. I do have to admit that I am dealing with some real heavy stuff regarding school but I am doing fine. I will lick this depression as I have done so before.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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