How Can People Be So Cruel?

I have done nothing to anyone to deserve the kind of cruelty I have been receiving lately. Someone told me something that tugged at my heart strings to the point the tears flowed down my cheeks in the privacy my own home and I felt angry and hurt. I wanted to confront the person about her cruelty but then I considered the source and let the confrontation not exist. Even two days later, my heart still aches at such cruelty and nonsense. I am somewhat laughing about it now considering the source of the words and why they even came into play but the way the words were said and who heard them other than the person who said it, myself, and two people I do not know.

Get this! I am even having difficulties with the delivery of the papper! The paperboy, a young kid, seems to have an attitude that makes a whole room smell like rotten garbage. It seems that this kid has something against me and he is just causing so much trouble doing his delivery of papers.

I have no idea why people can be so cruel when I do not do anything to deserve such treatment or unkindness. I do have a right to complain and fume about what is bothersome just like everyone else.


I Have Been Thinking

While sitting here at home, having time to myself without Rick around, I am seeing what kind of person he has turned out to be. I see the real Rick now. He is not abusive but he is surely possessive and I think he is controling. I will not take any controlling man into my life without a fight it seems. I love Rick, but he does not have to dominate my life which I am beginning to see. I have asked him, even though it was with some hrashness in voice, not to call me after 8 a.m. in the morning because I am just ab0ut ready to walk out the door to the bus stop. He CALLED ME this morning at 8:11 a.m. when I was getting ready to leave. He calls my home phone and my cell phone and I have askekd him to only call twice a day. He calls me at awkward times and that is bothersome! I have been thinking and seeing what kind of person Rick can be and he NEEDS TO GROW UP. He is insecure in many areas in his life and he IS TWO YEARS older than ME?! I have been wondering, a lot lately, if this relationship is going to last, and I am not sure of it right now.


Need A Break

What is going on with Rick?


I Did NOT get the paper tonight!

The paperboy did not get the paper tonight.

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