A New Font/A New Look

I personally think that the font I have chosen, BernhardFashion BT, gives my journal a personal touch today. I have given it a slightly different look as far as color of font and what font to use, but I felt I needed a change again. Nothing stays the same in this house for very long for some reason or other I can not quite explain. I like the style that BernhardFashion BT gives but I think it is somewhat hard to read at times, so if you have troubles reading it or you d0 not have that font on your computer, I have learned that not all fonts are noticed from one computer to the next for some reason. Right now I am waiting for my company to arrive to do Bible Study and then I will have the house to myself once again. I will write more later…PROMISE!

Before the Night Actually Leaves Me!

I just looked at the time and I have been on line 2 1/2 hours now. I should be in bed right now. I just got over the flu and I am feeling pretty good again. Earlier tonight, though, I felt some chills go up my spine every once in a while. I am going to sign off now and come back sometime tomorrow IF I have time to write anything. This weekend – the last four days have been awkward for me. I have to run now. Good night!

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