A Question Creeps Up in My Mind Tonight

Even though I have seen the movie some time back when it first aired, I watched the movie once again this afternoon. It was about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. My heart thinks that a family member did kill the little six year old girl and my thinking goes towards Pasty Ramsey, the mother and or Jonbenet’s brother. I would, even though I am not investigating the issue, like to hear ideas of what other Dear Diary readers think who killed the little girl and why your thoughts are going in the direction they are going. This is not a poll or an investigation. i was just asking an honest question.

The Daylight Savings Time Thought

It has been 7 days since we turned back the clocks an hour and now it gets dark at an earlier time. I am not used to the time change by seeing the darkness by 5 p.m. even though I have seen time go backwards and forwards one hour as long as I can remember. The time change made Halloween night seem spooky and full of spooks going around the neighborhood saying trick and treat at doors receiving candy in cute bags. It is only 6:13 p.m. now and it feels like bedtime and after 10 p.m.. It is an awful and awkward feeling.

Heard From Family Today

It was a year ago this summer I saw my brother and his family after a four year quiet spell I did not quite understand. I did not get to see my brother and family this summer but I am going to for the Thanksgiving holiday this year. My sister-in-law, who I have known since I was in grade school and I consider a sister than anything else, called me this morning and we chatted a bit. I am so excited about going to PA for the holiday and I am all geared up emotionally and physically for this trip and visit. YEAH! I heard from my PA family today. I am one happy camper there.

Remembering R. Cummings

My heart, even though joyful over the upcoming holiday visit with my PA family, is still aching over the lost of a neighbor. I cried earlier today but I am not sure why the tears flowed down my cheeks. My heart aches for the family who has lost their loved one to death this past Friday, October 31, 2003.

Feeling of Emotional Upset

Tomorrow, Nellie’s sister will be laid to rest and the funeral will be tomorrow.

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  1. I watched part of the JonBent Ramsey movie too. In my opinon I think Patsy’s husband killed JonBent and Patsy was in on it. The reason for this is because of how calm he acted during the investigation. It’s good you heard from you family today; I hope you have a great time with them on Thanksgiving. Sorry to hear about your neighbor. Talk to you soon.


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