I wanted to write in my journal yesterday but when I got home from school, I ended up taking a nap from 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m., and I did not really have the energy to do anything really. I did not get on line until after 6 p.m., after mustering the energy to do so and get some homework done. I was having one of those evenings where I didn’t care if the computer was up and running or not. Anyway, I am here now and ready for my day, but it has been a slow start. I am at school waiting for class to begin. I have some homework to get caught up on since I missed three days of school last week. With it raining as much as it has been since Friday, it has been kind of gloomy and boring, and so gray and dark! It is something I am not used to as I get moody during this time. Even Rick seems to not fully understand this but then again he’s a man and men do not understand women when it comes to the moodiness of women. I hate men sometimes.

A New Look In Progress

A new, wintery look is in progress.

Taking A Moment

I really do not have anything to say right now. Just wanted to take a moment now to say good night and I will be back tomorrow. The next few weeks of school will be long, hard, and worthwhile. I have to go.


Reading Another Entry Has Sparked Something in My Mind Just Now!

I have my special diaries to read on a regular basis. Titles spark my interest and there I go and read a journal entry. Sometimes, which if not more than once a week or so, someone writes his or her thoughts for the whole world to see, and it sparks something in my very own mind. I was reading an entry, written by Monstergue – her November 5 entry, when I realized that I am sick and tired of people stepping all over me and I bow down to them to satisfy whatever hunger that someone has. I am sick and tired of being a weakling as far as emotions go. I am sick and tired of calling people because someone has said something that really hurts me because that one person may have some issues of their own to deal with and again want control. No, I am not talking about Rick even though I am dealing with his little insecurities quite often lately. I need to be stronger!



Please, whatever you do, do not give up the fight just yet. Do not bow down to those relatives of yours to satisfy their whims. If you need to give up the fight later on, please understand that it is ok to give up then AFTER you looked at the pros and cons and weighed everything out.

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