I really do not have a lot to say right now. With Wednesday of this coming week being the last day of classes for the first semester, I know that I am going to have a fine vacation and return to school on January 12th with good spirits. I do not know what to think about my day right now half gone except for the fact that I will be attending a dinner at 2 p.m. with other tenants and my boyfriend, Rick. I am awake and ready for my day, which started at 8 p.m. after I called a friend. Rick is going to be here a while for dinner and visit. I do n0t know what to think about the day right now except the fact that my window is showing sunshine coming into my home…what a beautiful sight! After sleeping all day yesterday, I do feel refrreshed and comfortable foor a changed – dressed and ready to go. Had a bath and washed my hair about 8 a.m. and enjoyed the soak and comfort. It is a wee bit chilly out for me so this kid is not going outdoors today. I will have to write later.

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  1. jan 12th is my 20th birthday! I can either go back to school the 11th or wait til the 14th… It is a tough decision since my birthdays are boring and my parents have this tradition of coming in to wake me up at 6am…so I could say I have to get back early…OH WELL!

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