Chrustmas Lights Bus Tour

Every year, since I have known, Van Galder/Coach USA Bus Lines always take a bunch of people from places like Teamster Manor, Garden Court,and Cedar Crest – all the subsidized apartment complexes, on a tour to see Christmas lights in various neighborhoods. Again, after living here for five years, I decided to go on the Christmas Lights Tour and I took Rick with me. It was fun and exciting, and somewhat disappointing because the lights were very few this year. It seems that people are losing the interest in making people happy. A lot of Ebenezer Scrooges. As my boyfriend said while we were talking a moment ago, that a lot of people were probably not working because of the economy being not so good. I never really thought of it as I was again thinking negatively. I do that sometimes. And I have a friend who hates it when I think negatively about things.

A Quickie

This weekend, I noticed that my train on my DD site was not working for a couple of days and now it is again.

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  1. Britani18 says:

    I like looking at Christmas lights too. I also have noticed that not alot of people aren’t putting up Christmas light as well. I did in room; it’s a must for me.


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