I Had One Of Those Days!!

I can tell you I had one of those days where things just went either wrong, goofy, or strange. To begin with my day, it really began at 5 p.m. Tuesday afternoon when I opened a piece of mail from my credit union saying that I was being charged $2 for overdraft in my checking account. I had panicked as usual and called my mom to ask her what to do since I did not have such a thing like this happen before. Now I can not say it has not ever happened because it just did. When I got the overdrafting probllem taken care of, I still felt anxious and worn out. I was somewhat embarrassed because I have always taken care of my checking account. After this has happened, I am going to take a different road as of this day forward through 2004. I am glad that Rick is willing to help me until January. I am afraid to spend anymore money and it is already the middle of the month. I am glad that December is almost over because yesterday evening’s and today’s experience was horrible in these eyes of mine.

Even right now, after midnight on a Thursday morning, I am making sure that I no longer have a virus on my computer as I picked up one earlier in the night. I am making sure it is now completely gone even though my antivirus program said there was no viruses found duriing the last test I did after making sure all the infected files were found and put in its virus vault. Sometimes I will not rest real easy until I know for sure. I do not like this feeling at times and tonight is one of them.

Honestly, this day has not been my best day … I don’t think it went my way really all that much. Again, even though I had this “bad” day, I know it was a big test of something. Even after what happened with my credit union account, I am still feeling the aftershock of it all. Thank goodness I have good friends who are there for me when time is rough and again I being there for them during their rough time. What a whirl!

With my antivirus program still checking my computer out, it is almost done and I will rest after this last test. I will find out in a few minutes from now. Anyway, with school being done for the semester, I am up kind of late and I have Pastor coming tomorrow to talk to me about December 27th as my boyfriend is getting baptized on that day to become a member of the chourch I attend. I am, with all that has happened in the past 2 years, getting re-baptized into my church family. I wish I could explain more of my upcoming baptism…I am more excited for Rick to become a member of the church family. What a wonderful experience Rick is going to have in a few days … a week from this Saturday Sabbath. YES!

So far so good regarding the virus not being on my computer… It is almost done now.

Anyway, I know what I have felt today is something not new. I just one of those days I needed to write a lot more for some reason. I dislike having a restless night. It raises my blood pressure a bit and I have such a headache with my thoughts going back and forth trying to let the problems I face go so I can rest for the night. I was in tears this morning because I was so scared and tired. Despite how tired I was, I did not take much of a nap but did take one to relieve some of the tiredness I felt. Because of the tension I felt, I even thought that Rick seemed short with me when he called and left a message on my voice mail while I was making very important phone calls to take care of my overdraft situation at the credit union.

So far so good as far as for checking for viruses… whew! Still checking and almost done. By the way, I got a virus on my computer because I downloaded a file that came from a website that I thought was part of a website I was looking at… People are such jerks these days finding ways to corrupt someone’s life because they are so vicious! There are SOME NASTY PEOPLE OUT THERE! I am grateful for a good anti-virus program. I know I am going to rest easy now.

No infected files! YEAH! GOOD! All gone. I can rest easy for this night and I can definitely rest easy regarding my overdraft situation now that that situation was taken care of too. My night is going to be beter now, Night!

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