My Christmas Week

On Monday I went to Gays Mils, Wisconsin to stay with my Aunt Jackie for the holidays as well as seeing other Aunts and Uncles around the area. The first two days were low key and quiet, but on December 24th, I celebrated the holidays with my Aunt Jackie and her daughter Dawn and her family. We had opened gifts and had dinner. Because of two small kids, we opened gifts first and then ate dinner of turkey, potatoes, and good stuff, and of course sweets.

On Christmas Day, Aunt Jackie took me to Aunt Deloros and Uncle Butch’s for the day to celebrate Christmas with them and my cousins who know have families themselves except one cousin. It was a beautiful day.

The weather was beautiful while I was up north. I was able to go outside and visit with the cats who love to come up to the house and try to get in. I befriended a cat named Hopscotch who is loving and a good companion for someone. He, Hopscotch, looks like my Emilee Cuddles but a smaller version of her, lol. Hopscotch is 2 years old. I have some gifts from him as well…because he has claws. Also, Aunt Jackie has a cat named Shaggy (a girl) who became a friend to me this visit and laid on my lap Thursday night for 4 hours. She loves to lay on Aunt Jackie’s lap.

On Friday, in the afternoon, I came home and came back to a cat who missed me something awful. I wanted to cuddle with her and love her, but two hours after arriving home, I had gotten the flu and had a miserable night. But I am feeling better now.

When I go up north to the farm, I pretty much relax and not worry about anything at home because I know that Emilee would be in the best care. My worries were non-existent this trip.

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