What a Weekend!

I had returned from Crawford County – Gays Mills, Wisconsin on Friday evening and two hours after returning home I was throwing up because I had the flu. I felt so sick and horrible, and I am glad today I am back to myself again except for the fact that sleep has been hard to find since I contracted the flu virus! Rick was here taking care of me before he left for work Saturday morning at 1 a.m. If he did not have to work, he would have spent the night and took care of me the entire time. The flu did not seem to go away until mid day yesterday so I got cleaned up and dressed and went with my Nellie Mom to the Seventh-day Adventist Church t0 see Rick being baptized into Seventh-day Adventist family and church. It was a beautiful sight! I am glad, today, to have pushed myself to get ready for my day and go to church in the afternoon. I know that Satan worked hard on me Friday night so I could not go…which was almost the case but I faught a good fight and won!

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