Some People Are Downright Rude … Just Plainly Rude

I do not know why I always put myself through such things when the internet is concerned. I do not know why I am as kindhearted as I am according to some people! Remember when I had mentioned that I would NOT take any profanity in my comments section at my journal here as well as remarks regarding religions and beliefs? Well … that is not the problem, but I face another so-called dilemma in my life I do have to take care of immediately from this day forward. I love to play gin at Yahoo games on line very often. I run into people with different walks of life. Most of my opponents do not know me except by ID unless questions are asked. I have met some real nice people and keep in contact with them as often as I can and those people I do not have an issue with. Some of the people at Yahoo gin are rude and can downright cruel when they play. Why do I continue to play gin if I am a so-called victim to a player’s wrath during play? I enjoy playing as it is one of those times where I can escape from the real world and play something I really enjoy playing.

As rude as some of the people are at Yahoo games, I am from this day forward going to keep tabs on my players and if they are rude or downgrading me, I will immediately leave the table and go elsewhere. I will no longer take people’s attitude at Yahoo games anymore either. It is only the 4th of January 2004, and I am going to start the new year right! I may come across strong at times, but I need to put my foot down and stop what offends me the most and handle it the best I can in a Christian manner.


I have been through a lot in 2002 and 2003 to the point that I know who are my friends and who are not my friends, and that is a big thing for me. Livinig where I live, such a weird place part of the time, is only a part of my emotions being the way they are most of the time. I am a growing Christian even to this day and I am still growing by making decisions that may not be wise or wise enough to go on, and I want to be what I profess to be … agreed or not by others. This is my life.

For some of you who know me … I am venting again and it is not even the mid of the month of January yet! A lot of things have happened to raise my emotions to a degree that venting is made possible. I was seriously hoping that I would have titled my next entry Sunday 2, but it looks like it is not right now.


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