I Have No Job Now

The title tells it all. That’s right. As of today, I have no job now. I did fine on my first and last day, but my (former) boss did not think that I would be able to pick up the pace. I feel a little distraught but not totally because I do not know if I would be able to work with the manager who is constantly grumpy and criticizing someone. Anyway, with my disability, I am not sure myself if I would be able to pick up the pace later on after getting into the job more. I was so nervous and scared on my first (now last) day that now I can concentrate on school entirely now. If there is discrimination involved, I do not want to fight the fight because I do not want to jeopordize my boyfriend’s job at Daylight Donuts now since he does a fantastic job. My feelings are a little confused right now because Rick is disappointed about me not having more of a chance. I do not know how I am feeling right this second because all of a sudden I have crashed from having two days of anxiousness and such.

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