Last Entry of the Night

I have been wanting to write in my journal for the past two hours but have gotten to gabbing on the phone to my mom’s husband in regards to a good program for enhancing and cropping pictures because I had taken two pictures of Emilee earlier today. Also, I have talked about a good spam program since now I am gettong a lot of spam in my e-mail box. Spam stinks like a skunk sometimes.

It is almost bed time so I need to run. I had a day off of school today because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day so classes resume again tomorrow and I am looking forward to going to Sociology for sure now after reading some information in the chapter we are studying right now.

Author: ksmiley

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2 thoughts on “Last Entry of the Night”

  1. Relationships can be difficult, but if you and Rick really love each other you will work it out. I will say that if you have any suspisous doubt that Rick is seeing someone else do some snooping. If you find that he is cheating on you throw him to the curb. I do hope things work out between you two though.


  2. You’re lucky you had off. We don’t get a single day off for any holiday except christmas and such. My last school we got off for all the black holidays because it was a black college mostly so that was nice. I hope things work out with your boyfriend!

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