Not knowing what to title my entry right now, I really do not care what the title really is anyway. I am waiting for time to go by so I can get on the bus and go home from school and study Sociology and Psychology tonight and tomorrow. I have an appointment in the morning with my counselor at the counseling center I have been going to for the longest time now, and I also have to go to the hospital and get my blood lab work done for the month of February as I promised my coordinator Judy last week when we spoke of my negligence of blood work for the past four months. I also have to go to the bank and get $10 worth of quarters for laundry so I can do laundry Sunday as I plan to do for this weekend plans. I have a busy day tomorrow and I hope that the weather is decent and not so icky that I will not be able to go to a friend’s house to work on a new website for Christians all over the world online.

Even though I plan to write more later tonight before going to bed, hopefully, this so far going on 3 p.m. has been a long but productive day. I keep thinking about the relationship with my boyfriend that had ended last week and realize that I did the right thing breaking it off and getting away from a relationship that was controlling and nothing but my control of my life was disappearing slowly. It has been a week and two days now since the break up and it feels good to have my life back. I have been, however, having nightmares about Rick and it is not comforting to wake up to when in a cold sweat. I still do not sleep all that great at night already but I am faring just fine otherwise. I do not care what Rick thinks anymore as he puts himself in a hole and shows his true colors. I have friends who do not believe him anyway anymore. I feel free of committment and other problems with a relationship that has gone sour and problematic. Why do I keep thinking about the relationship breaking up? I have to laugh at my now ex-boyfriend’s childish behavior. I do have to admit that I have called Rick a prick, which is language I normally do not use but this week I have used swearing out of anger and other words on top of that.

I can not wait to get home! It has been a good school day all day long. I will be enjoying a foot care service at 4:45 p.m. tonight…yeah…and it is going to be a big treat!

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