My World, My Place, My Space

Now with Rick gone out of my life as a boyfriend, my world, my place, and my space is ALL mine once again. My now ex-boyfriend, a jerk as he is, is nothing but an immature little brat who has to grow up. He is not breaking the law according to the authorities, but he is surely making my friends very angry with him and are about to kick his butt. I have never had a relationship with a manipulative and possessive man before until now and now that relationship is OVER, but the pain I have been dealing with for the past several days is still there. In fact, strange enough I have been having nightmares about my ex-boyfriend and his angry wrath of the break up. Personally, I had no choice in the matter any longer regarding his so-called abuse. I had to take control of my life again without the feeling of being tracked down everywhere I went. He was a total idiot thinking that he would get away with what he was doing. He knew from the beginning if he hurt me in any way, a lot of my friends and family would want to kick his butt and do some yelling. Yet it was partly my fault for allowing the abuse to go on for so long. He is a frightening man more than ever now that the break up is only a week old today. I am free of men once more.

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  1. We learn from our mistakes, as the Lord’s children. I am sure that you will learn great wisdom by this experience. You will be better equipped to deal with any future relationship.

    Do not give up on all men. There are good men, though like virtuous women, are rare as rubies.

    I majored in Sociology in College and I enjoyed it. What classes are you taking now?

    You are blessed to have a faithful and loving family and band of friends to be there for you in this time of grief.

    Please know that my wife and I will remember you in our prayers.

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