Spring Cleaning in Winter: The Beginning

Ever since I broke it off with Rick, I have been in and out of mood swings but the last few days I have been pretty happy and outgoing. Yesterday was one very busy day and evening. I decided to go to bed in the bedroom last night and once again found myself there this morning when I woke up this morning. My bedroom is the only room I have to clean up real good. I plan to do that next week Thursday and get a good start on my room. I did the dishes, cleaned Emilee’s litterbox and put fresh litter in it, took the garbage out, got Emilee’s dishes cleaned and filled with cat food and fresh water, swept the floor in the kitchen and bathroom, and cleaned off the kitchen table, and picked up the living room some. I do not know what has gotten into me, but I am beginning my spring cleaning in the middle/end of winter months and I do feel good.

I am somewhat tired and ready to close up shop for the evening but I have an obligation tonight at a prayer meeting at Kelly and Jimmy’s apartment. I do not know what to do right now since I am somewhat bored now, lol. Because I have an obligation, I will go see my friends tonight without fussing or complaining. I really do enjoy going to prayer meeting and getting out of this apartment of mine. I love my friends VERY much.

I will more later…bye

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