It Has Been A While

It has been a little time since I have written in my journal here once again. Tonight, going on 11:30 p.m. Saturday night, it is cold outdoors and the rain is falling down and hitting the window in the livingroom just right that it sounds like ice coming down from the sky. The reason I know it is cold outdoors is the draft that is coming in from the air conditioning since I never put on the protection covering over it this winter since I have been using it off and on during the days it got warm in the apartment from heat rising.

This weekend, so far, being Saturday night has been very good. I went to church this morning with other members and went to potluck after church and came home from church before 2:30 p.m.. It was nice to get out but it was fantastic to be back home. I did not turn on my computer until sometime before 8 p.m. this evening. I had slept a bit today by taking a nap on the couch waiting patiently for my friend Kelly to call and get some questions for test #2 (Psychology) which is this coming Monday…a day after tomorrow. ARRG!

This evening, after turning on the computer around 8 p.m., I was wondering why my anti-virus program did not do a daily scan for possible viruses when I realized that I did not turn on my computer after the scheduled time of virus scanning. I was feeling like a dumb blonde at the moment of thinking such but got over it quickly. I think it is time to go to bed and come back tomorrow, don’t you think? Anyway, good night and see you all tomorow. Bye for now. NIGHT!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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