Memories Flying In

Many of my readers may understand the pain I am feeling right now and again some readers of my journal may not understand what I am about to write about right now. This past week, outside of school and personal life, I have been dealing with one thing and that is the neighbor across the hallway causing problems for the tenants on the third floor by banging and throwing, swearing left and right, up and down, over and under. The police have been here many times but nothing really has been done as the police can not do anything. Just today it dawned on me that the neighbor has been purposely been making noise because she likes the attention she is getting when the police come over here to talk to her. This woman has severe memory problems and is in the stages of alzhiemer’s disease. I feel bad for the neighbor but again I do not feel the tenants including myself have to go through an emotional war over the troubles of another troubled tenant who needs to be in a nursing home where care for her situation is under control. With this tenant living here, her antics and problems are so out of control. With this tenant’s situation at hand, reminds of the times grandpa got violent with grandma (his wife) when he was sick. It is an awful memory and I am feeling the pressures and the emotional pain set in now and yet I am pretty calm and handling the situation best I can at will.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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