Going To Start Out Right!

This is the first day of April. I am going to let the feelings I have had from yesterday to days before be in the past. I am going to start out fresh and have a good month. I noticed that I am going to have a tightness regarding my finances but I know I CAN DO IT. I have to pay bills and spend less or nothing on things I really do not need. I know I can do it and will do it because I CAN DO IT.

Also, my emotions have been going up and down, but that is normal for someone who deals with anxieties and depression on a regular basis. I am glad that I am on medication that is really helping. Even today I was bouncing back and forth on going to school or not going to school, but I defeated the not part and got myself off the couch and got dressed and got all my books for class and went. I was so glad to have gone to school, too. I know it is a real nice Spring day and the day to be spent outdoors would be fantastic, but I have plenty of time to do that after 12 noon. I will be going home and arriving at home at 12:30 or so.


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  1. You go girl! Carpe diem! Sieze the day! "This is the first day of the rest of your life." "Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never be mine. Just help me today."

    I hope you do better on being depressed. Living on a tight budget can be stressful and give rise to worry and depression. I do hope you have things smooth out for you. I do pray God blesses you in your goals.

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