Happy Sabbath & Quick Note

I feel I have not written enough here in the past, and I am going to give every effort to write on a more regular basis.


I am glad that Sabbath has arrived. I had a fairly good week minus some problems with my cerebral palsy acting up and my arthritic pain from Prednisone did not help much either. Today I am feeling relief from both now and glad to see that I am doing better.

Earlier Today

Earlier today has been nothing but relaxing, sleeping, and watching television at my apartment. No company today and none for the entire weekend. I do know where the nap came from all of a sudden most of the day but it felt good to be lazy when in reality I should have been getting ready for the Sabbath hours. Well, I got one thing done this afternoon before Sabbath started. I got a bath and washed my hair, but I ihave been in my pajamas all day long and answering the phonoe anytime it rang. My phone did not ring much really. It was fairly quiet.

This Evening (Sabbath Hours)

My computer has been up and running all night long so it has been on ever since yesterday afternoon, and I decided to get on here for a while tonight and do some surfing on some spiritual things and read some entries at Dear Diary that are written by some friends of mine from Dear Diary. I am also going to think of what I am yet to wear to church tomorrow, lol, and that is yet a big decision weighing heavy on my mind yet at this hour of Sabbath when it should have been thought of before hand!

Next entry is going to be a devotional.

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