I went to school today. Today was Sociology and a meeting with my instructor at 12 noon regarding my D on my 3rd test. After reviewing the test with her, I realized that they were all silly mistakes and are easily correctable. I was very much embarrassed because I knew the material and I am not “dumb”, lol. More enttry written at Psychologysociology journal.

It is raining out and from what I have heard at school, it is going to thunderstorm here today. My cat Emilee is clinging onto me pretty much by staying in my sight and wanting attention from me every few minutes or so, si think I need to go after my computer scans for viruses (none there) for the day so I can spend time with her. She does not like storms or rain. I do not like storms!

I think my day went pretty well. Been busy and really do not have a lot to say right now. I Think this is the only entry I will be writing today as well. I am going to say good night and God Bless all of you. May all my friends have a good day, evening, and night. Sleep well.

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  1. oh dear, we all do silly mistakes at times especially when we’re under pressure. at least it doesn’t really mean we’re dumb 🙂


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