For the past three nights I have been having nights where I wake up with my heart racing after I sit up in quickness that is telling others I forgot where I am at, and I am in my own apartment, in my own bed or on the couch. I am wondering if it related to being somewhat stressed out from the last days of school making sure that I have everything done and done correctly or handed in on time. I think so. I hope these nightmares end soon. The oddest thing is that I do not remember the nightmares but I remember sitting up in a panic with my heart racing. That is all. Hmmm?

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  1. I haven’t had nightmares; i’ve just had trouble sleeping from a movie I keep thinking about. I am really scared of the movie called The Ring. I have never seen it with my eye because I was always hiding, but tomorrow night is the night I will watch it. I just hope I can sleep ok afterward.


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