Thoughts on 5/29

All night long I remember waking up a couple of times in thought about the fight Janessa and I had even though it was over with and done and we had made up before we all went to bed. Even my legs were aching from the walking about town Kelly and I did Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Even Kelly was hurting in her legs and feet.

I had gotten up at 8:30 a.m. when Kelly woke me up to tell me what time it was so I could go to church when I was picked up around 10 a.m. I felt refreshed and ready to get up even though I wanted to lay there all day long without worrying about getting dressed or going anywhere but church has been so important to me so I fought Satan’s influence and got up and dressed for church and went. After getting back, Janessa, Kelly, and I went to lunch at Steak -N- Shake and went to Best Buy that just opened in Janesville on May 22, 2004, seven days ago. Jimmy and Janessa’s boyfriend and a friend of mine, Chad went to lunch and went the grocery store to pick up some food for the party that Kelly was throwing for herself, me, our friend Bea, Chad, Janessa, and a friend of Kelly’s named Marie, and including another neighbor named Blake for all of us who attended Blackhawk Technical College this past semester. Even though Blake and Jimmy did not attend Blackhawk Technical College, we invited them anyway to enjoy their company, and Jimmy being Kelly’s husband, we could not exclude him at all.

After 8 p.m., Janessa and Bea brought me home where I am now sitting and glad to be back even though I enjoyed myself at Kelly’s even with the fight that Janessa and I had last night. It was a horrible fight, but it ended out fine at the end.

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  1. GoingUnder20 says:


    Glad the fight ended fine, too bad its tormenting you. Feel better.


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