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I feel that this should be my last entry of the day/night. It is late and bedtime is not that far ahead here. It is going on 10 p.m. now and I have been up since a few minutes after 7 a.m. this morning…by a phone call from Kelly to let me know what her plans were f0r the day. Kelly and I, spending a little time together at her place and the library, I almost thought that we were going to depart under mixed messages from the library but left the library together in a good mood. I could not fully understand Kelly’s confusion about the computer she was on until I realized that she does not know much about computers as she does not have one of her own yet. I was going to say something about her feelings toward the computer she was on but I decided against it and understood her feelings. Anyway, that is done and over with and the day is closing in to midnight in a bit.

For the past several days I have been playing a game at MSN games called Zuma. Yesterday and today, playing it often to pass the minutes, I have been able to get to level 3-1 in the game before I killed off all my men which was not done deliberately anyway. I feel I have gotten better playing the game but I can do better but that will come with practice. Anyway, I am done playing that game for the day and night anyway. I got over 54000 points in the game before all my men died anyway and that is a fairly good score for me to proud of because I have been practicing on a daily basis.

With time going on 10 p.m., I am waiting for Kelly and Jimmy to call their nightly prayer and calling. It has been a productive day even though I napped quite a while this afternoon and still feel ready for bed and sleepy. Is that a good thing? That is a baffling question for me to answer, too, lol. I guess it is normal. I am on two doses of Celexa a day now and that could be the problem of sleepiness and going to bed so late at night which is making my summer a good and sometimes a boring one. LOL

For the past three nights – not sure if it has been four nights really – I have been sleeping in my bedroom in my bed. Tonight, strangely enough, I am going to make a treat of sleeping on the couch with Emilee nearby with the bedroom door closed. TOmorrow night, with no argument or fight, I am going to sleep in my bedroom again. It feels so much cooler out here tonight and I love the coolness my livingroom feels right now. Emilee does too, lol. It has been a good day for me. It was not long at all.

About 9 p.m., I took time to read more of my Mary Higgins Clark book, A Cry in the Night. Already on chapter 8 and thought I would read more tomorrow. I have 39 chapters to read in this book. You might find this strange, but Emilee laid right next to me while I read so I decided to read the rest of the two chapters I read tonight out loud to her and shee laid right next to me the entire time purring and happy with her mommy right there talking out loud – actually reading. She seemed impressed, lol. Right now the AC is on and Emilee is constantly putting her nose in the air to get the coolness on her and it looks so cute! What a kid she can be for a cat! A good cat she is at the age of fourteen. Oh my golly, she is 14 years old and I can not believe that she is already that old. I have had her for a very very long time! WOW!

Right now Kim Possible, one of my favorite kiddie cartoons is on Disney. After that, The Proud Family, another kiddie cartoon is on and love that program too. What a child I have inside me still. A child at heart always an forever even though I am 33 years old and an adult for the rest of my life.

Okay doke, I am rambling away right now and I can not stop, lol. Nothing much to say. I am waiting patiently for Kelly to call me so we can pray and go to bed. Emilee is next to me on the computer desk just sitting here quietly and not demanding my time right now, thankfully. She is being a good cat for the time being. I think, without fail, I better go and come back tomorrow. This is going to be a long enough entry.


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