Today has been a day of solitude and quiet. Nothing much happened today but that’s ok. No plans were made today anyway. It was a good quiet day most of the day. Kelly called me a little bit ago from her MIL’s telling me that she was there for the afternoon and will be going to see friends later this evening with her husband and MIL. When she called, she sounded tired but she said she was ok. She had fallen on the kitchen floor because it was slippery and Kelly said her MIL was upset at herself for making the floor slippery. That I have found shocking and scary. I fall all the tiime and it HURTS! I felt for Kelly, that’s for sure. She said she will call me back later tonight — even if she does not call me until she goes to bed for the night. She seemed happy to be at her MIL’s, which I know she is always happy when she goes to her MIL’s for the day or overnight most of the time.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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