Before Closing Shop For the Night

I am so glad that DD is up and running again. I had written an entry for yesterday and today on my word processor I have on my computer here and it was different to some degree. At least I am caught up and now DD is running again. Just like others, I hate it DD has its glitches but I know, being the internet, it can not be helped. I have Dear Diary as my opening page when I get on line every time and it was driving me crazy seeiing that the server could not be found. I did not know what else to think. Right now, being shortly after 11 p.m. Saturday night, I ihave a lot on my mind and it wants to be written but I think I am going to wait until tomorrow to write more. I wish I coulld give it a start tonight but I think it will be the wrong thing to do. I want to go to bed shortly and I want to begin writing my Abbey Korry Mystery tonight before retiring to bed. Hmmmm, maybe that will wait til tomorrow as well. I am listening to Foresic Files on Court Tv right now and it is very interesting.

My Left Foot
I will write about my left foot now, though…lol Earlier this morning, while waking up and getting ready for my day after reading in bed this morning, I went to the computer to turn it on and get ready for its day, I bumped the flashlight that was on the desk. It tiopped over and rolled off the desk and landed right on my left foot. OUCH! IT HURT TOO! A few seconds later, I saw a hint of brusing and felt a soft tissue bump under the bruiose. It hurt and felt tender to the touch. I did not break any bones thankfully but that was a big possibility for a bit. It does not look very pleasant right noow and it sure does not feel like my normal foot either. It is tender to the touch. Honestly, I do the stupidest things now and then, lol.

Good Night Gang!
I need to go for now. Good night and God Bless all of you this night. Bye for now.

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