Good Afternoon Everyone

I just wanted to say good afternoon to all my Dear Diary friends. It has been a good morning so far. Since last night, after getting up this morning, I had bathed and got dressed, turned on my computer and got rid of all the cookies on my computer, and did a virus scan, and read a couple of chapters of A Cry in the Night. I heard from Jimmy and Kelly this morning while I was bathing. Kelly did not want to talk to me right then so she called me back later while I was still bathing. she did not sound happy. She sounded down. I do not think I will be hearing from her any time soon today. I wlll later, though. She is not a happy camper today. I have an inkling of what happened but she has not told me yet. She will, if she wants, tell me later when she is feeling better. It was something her father said to her…that I know. she will be ok. She has assured of that.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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