Dear Alaina,

The situation that happened yesterday between this person and I was taken care of yesterday. This person’s actions were childish and totally bazaar to me and my friend Kelly. This person was told that she needed to show respect to Kelly’s friends if she was going to be there. This friend of Kelly’s has been moody and mean to other people as well lately and it is driving Kelly crazy, and so Kelly took care of it yesterday while I was both present and not present. This friend of Kelly’s tried to deny this and that and make everything a joke that was coming out of Kelly’s mouth, too, and that made Kelly not too happy. When I talked to Kelly last night before falling asleep, she had told her friend that she had to stop being moody and not take her current situation to extreme.

I do not mean to sound upset or anything, but I could not write in my journal as planned yesterdy so I wwrote about yesterday today. I am letting the problem go and this friend of Kelly’s isn’t. That is her problem…not mine anymore. I have the write what I need to in my journal knowing that not everything I write is going to draw positive feedback. I understand that much.


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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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