Comin; Back Tomorrow

I need to go for the night everyone. I will talk to you later. Bye

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1 thought on “Comin; Back Tomorrow”

  1. *~Kristi~*

    You really shouldnt take things so personally. If people are going to treat you that way, then why bother even thinking about it, or even acknowleding them? If someone is going to be like that to you, why take it personal and bear that inside yourself, let go, and whatever happens, happens.

    Either way, you could talk to the person and have some line of communication open so maybe you can figure things out instead of letting this person tample over you because thats just childish. Anyway, sounds like drama to me and maybe you and this person should talk things over and work things out so it doesnt get any worse.

    Glad that the storm passed over and that everything was alright. We have been receiving storm after storm here and we have had tornadoes touch down and do a lot of damage. Thank God, nothing around here. A lot of propert was damaged due to golf ball sized hail and flooding so there are many repairs for those going on also.

    Well, have a good week and good luck!


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