My Feeling Secluded to Friends Only

Just today, wishing that Wednesday and Thursday never even occurred at all, I had gotten an e-mail from my friend Janessa saying that I had caused her to get all upset before her 5 o’clock interview Thursday and she feels she will not get it now, and that at the interview, her and her interviewee did not exchange any but maybe two words altogether. She says she is ticked off at me but not mad at me. Honestly, being ticked off is the same as being mad and it is worse than mad. Then, with that what happened Wednesday morning, causing me to be irritated with two people acting childish and stupid, I had learned, in the same e-mail from Janessa that she and Kelly wanted to have the day to themselves without me along. Being as upset and shaking as I was, I did not hear that they wanted to with together without me along but I did not listen. First off I did not hear as upset as I felt between my irritation between me and two people.

Something was pressing on my mind ever since the beginning of the week and now I have the answer to what has been pressing. The friends I have: Kelly, Janessa, and Chad are in this pressing situation on my mind. They will talk about people behind their backs. Janessa talks to Kelly about what I do that irritates her and then I hear it from Kelly but not Janessa until maybe days later…like the e-mail that I had gotten today. I had just talked to Kelly about how my mother in New Mexico sometimes me feel and here my friends treat me like a baby because they are babies themselves and can not deal with an emotional situation just like me. I do not know what to do. Do I have to walk away from them and change my telephone number? I feel I shouldn’t or otherwise the situation at hand will be handled incorrectly. Otherwise, Jimmy, Kelly’s husband, is part of the pressing problem.

Yes, I am more emotional during my period as always. Almost every woman is. My friend Alaina told me so that she can be harsh at times, too. I feel, still that my emotions are used against me with some people and Kelly, Janessa, and Chad are the suspects of the whole thing in this pressing problem. I think we all need to grow up here.

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